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The Indianola Athletic Booster Club (IABC) was established in 1974 to subsidize the athletic department and our athletic programs, and have provided facility improvements and services to our fans.

IABC has provided concession stands, press boxes & restrooms, and ALL money raised goes to support our athletic programs at Indianola High School & Middle School.

They award book money for graduating seniors, and provided a school activities calendar to all students in the district. 


They supported multiple school clubs who were able to work concessions (one club received over $4,000!).

Annually, they operate the concession stands at home athletic events, and have hosted basketball tournaments since 1990 to raise money for these programs.

Please join us in supporting Indianola athletics. Your membership benefits all athletes!!

Indianola Athletic Booster Club is a 501(c)3 organization and accepts matching funds from business. If your employer sponsors such programs considering having them match your donation and further support our athletes.

n the past 2 years, Indianola Athletic Booster Club have been able to provide the following:

  • Football uniforms, headsets, practice pants, helmets, shoulder pads, pants, board & racks and reconditioning helmets
  • New volleyballs, training volleyballs & carts
  • Golf range balls & golf bags
  • Cross country meet service, equipment & MS t-shirts
  • Swim parachute & paddle, clock, fins & caps
  • Basketballs
  • Wrestling uniforms, sweats and repairs and reconditioning of wrestling mats
  • Soccer goals (indoor), equipment & uniforms
  • Track uniforms, track training services
  • Tennis balls
  • Baseball field cover, screen, baseballs, carts, pitching mounds & batting tees
  • Softballs, uniforms & batting tees
  • Cheerleader sweatshirts
  • HD cameras
  • HUDL coaching tools for basketball, wrestling & football
  • Portable scoreboard
  • Assistance in paying for:
    • Athletic trainer
    • Weight room equipment
    • Training room equipment & supplies
    • Athletic awards